Masa-chi Reccomands: Death Note.

I know, this is considered an old show, now that its been 6 years since it was first aired. However, since then I was so busy all that time with my own life's nonsense. And I decided not to watch it till I have enough space in my life to watch it with an open heart as I usually do with any other series I watch.

"I will only say this; You have to watch this series before you die."

One more thing, In my own humble opinion, I think if the ending have been reversed in matters of who wins or who loses, this could have been arguably the most amazing literary work of the century.

I was chanting for Yagami Light till the very last second of the last episode....

"Some things should just be ...Erased."

That's all,

Modern Villa, Country side (Part -2- ).

Additional Visualization for the previous project.


Modern Villa, Country side.

New work !!!

Facade redesign,Landscape design, and visualization. for a special client overseas. Site is located country sides.

Book Clock by Masaaki Hiromura

The graphic designer Masaaki Hiromura has installed what is perhaps the most analog, digital clock ever. It’s comprised of an ever-repeating video loop featuring 3 books, each representing the hours, minutes and seconds of a single day. A hand neurotically and relentlessly flips through the pages as if to remind us that time never stops moving.
It’s currently on view at MUJI in Shibuya, which just underwent a major renovation and reopened at the beginning of this month.

via Spoon & Tamago .

-G5 Project 4th album G5 2013 audio demo- PURE AWESOMENESS


To be brief, Gin No Saji is a one of a kind anime. Personally, I love shows that speak of true real life experiences and true feelings. Gin No Saji truly captures this element, and I sincerely enjoyed the show.

Gin No Saji follows the story of Yugo Hachiken, who happens to be a smart student in high school. However, when he finished high school he was left with nothing but his good grades (ironically the same as I did). He doesn't have any dreams or hopes for his future. However, his teacher recommends an Agricultural school. Based on his teacher's advice, he enrolls in the school and his life somehow drastically changes from that point onward.

Overall, nice show indeed. worth every minute watching....

Thankfully a second season will premiere on January 2014.



Very cool anime, I would love if they give it another lengthy season.

Chay 「I am」 Recording.

Chay is a Japanese pop singer. She debuted in June 2012 with the digital single "Kimi-tachi Kiwi Papaya Mango da ne." under Warner Music Japan.

Beautiful vocals indeed...

Modern villa by the sea.

Here's something new I have been working on for a private client. I love the results, it just captures the right sensation.


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