what if the world would end tomorrow?

here is a question i have been thinking about for a while .....what if the world would end tomorrow?. to be honest i think i would probably pray for a long while...then i would probably smoke a cigarette. i always wanted to to know what it feels to smoke a last cigarette, and i honestly always wanted to know what cigarettes taste like. i wouldn't worry about family that much. i have been with them for my entire life. i think they will be okay for one day. i think i would eventually panic though, but i think when the last minute comes i would grab a paper bag and put it on my head and lay down. like those guys from the movie "the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy", or maybe i would take a sleeping pill or something. i mean, whats the point of witnessing how you will die?. lets be honest, its gonna be painful, its gonna be a very short show, and you will probably regret it in the afterlife. then again it could be a nice chat topic, people would gather around and each one would tell how he died.

its comedy for me really.....it can't be other than that because lets face it people..... don't tell me that you guys will fall in love with life in the last day. we all know how life is hard and painful and sometimes it just makes you wanna kill yourself. so,....yeah ...lets just go to work and forget about this and live in self denial or something.